Letter to the Tom's of Maine Community

At Tom's of Maine, transparency around the ingredients we use is of critical importance to our consumers, our retail partners and to us personally as we look out for our own families. It’s why we pioneered sharing every ingredient, its purpose and its source for all the products we make. Tom’s of Maine was recently the focus of a lawsuit related to our natural claims. We wanted to share some background on this matter and our decision to settle this lawsuit.

Natural is a term that has been used in a variety of ways across many different industries. While there is no legal or regulatory definition of the term, we have had a consistent definition of natural since 1970, when Tom’s of Maine was founded, and that has been formalized via our Stewardship Model since the 1990s. Our Stewardship Model clearly outlines how we define natural, responsible and sustainable. We’ve become a leading natural care brand because we follow these standards producing quality natural products that contain no artificial ingredients, colours, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners, dyes, fragrances or animal ingredients, and no animal testing. None of that changes with this settlement.

So why did we choose to settle the lawsuit? Importantly, the settlement does not require any changes to our products or the way we describe them, including the use of the term natural on our packaging. It does require us to provide even more accessibility to our definition of natural and our Stewardship Model online, and on our packaging – which will benefit our consumers even further. Tom’s of Maine is a small organization, lawsuits are time consuming, and we decided to accept this agreement to allow our people to focus on what we do best: offering consumers innovative products and packaging aligned with sustainable and responsible business practices.

We remain committed to meeting the growing demand for safe, effective, natural personal care products, providing jobs in Maine, and continuing to invest in communities throughout the country through our decades long 10% of profits donated policy. We are grateful to our consumers for their loyalty and trust and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of the natural care consumer for decades to come.