Giving for Goodness

Sharing our time and profits to help support healthy communities.


From supporting health, to building a community, to protecting the world around us, Tom’s of Maine is on a mission to do good now and in the future! Find our goals and what we are up to in our latest Goodness Report


Employee Volunteering

Our employees are encouraged to use 5% (12 full days a year) of their paid time volunteering for causes they’re passionate about. They have helped at animal shelters and schools, by repairing trails and removing invasive species, doing beach cleanups and by coaching kids teams. We think this helps keep our community strong and makes Tom’s of Maine a better place to work.

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Giving 10% of Our Profits

We donate 10% of our profits each year to charitable organizations promoting health, education and the environment. Some of our giving is made to national organizations that are helping us address big environmental and social issues. An example of this is our Get Into Nature program, a three-year, $3 million commitment to help 150,000 children who live in underrepresented communities get outside and into nature.

We also give to grassroots organizations that are doing good in their local community. An example of one organization is Water First. Water First partners with Indigenous communities to help address local water challenges through education, training and meaningful collaboration. Over the years, Water First has built strong partnerships with over 90 Indigenous communities in 6 provinces.Through these initiatives, they are working toward closing the gap in water science education and helping to remove barriers faced by Indigenous youth and adults. Water First’s program participants and partner communities are building skills and capacity to manage water resources independently and for the long term.

Finally, a portion of our giving is made through limited product donations, which we distribute through nonprofit clearing houses. These partners are experts in helping us make sure our products reach people when and where they are needed the most.

Whether going to a national nonprofit, a grassroots organization, or a product clearinghouse, we also try to ensure our donations have meaningful impact. Good is being done here in our home state of Maine and in communities across the United States. We are so grateful for your support which helps make it all possible. We regularly share stories about the groups we partner with on Instagram. Follow us there to keep up the latest!

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Applying for Support

If you would like to request an application to receive funding through our Giving for Goodness, please send an email to