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Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste

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Tom's of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste uses a powerful combination of l-arginine and calcium carbonate — both derived from natural sources — to seal the pathways to sensitive tooth nerves to help block the pain. Our patented, clinically proven formula provides instant relief* and long-lasting protection with continuous use. *For instant relief when directly applied to the sensitive tooth with fingertip and gently massaged for 1 minute.

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Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste

Fluoride free

Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste

No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives

Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste

No animal ingredients

Rapid Relief Sensitive Natural Toothpaste

Not tested on animals



Learn about the naturally sourced and derived ingredients included in Tom’s of Maine Natural Personal Care Products.

Ingredient Purpose Source
Arginine bicarbonate Sensitivity relief (occlusive agent) Derived From Sugar Cane
Benzyl Alcohol Natural Preservative Derived From Cassia Oil
Calcium carbonate Mild abrasive Purified Calcium From The Earth
Hydrated Silica Cleaning / Polishing Derived from purified silica from the earth
Natural Flavor Flavor Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) And Other Natural Flavor
Sodium bicarbonate Mouth Freshness Purified Sodium bicarbonate From The Earth
Sodium lauryl sulfate Dispersant / Foaming agent Derived From Coconut And/Or Palm Kernel Oil
Sorbitol Moistener / Humectant Derived From Corn (Zea Mays)
Titanium dioxide Natural Color Derived From Ilmenite Ore
Water Consistency Aquifer
Xanthan gum Binder / Gum Derived from vegetable matter through fermentation
Xylitol Sweetener Derived From Birch Trees Or Corn